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He uses various tools and media. Apart from painting he is interested in sound and performance. He reflects upon the meanings of abundant messages depending on the medium and visual imagination, posing a question: to what extent do the image and pure human activity reach the audience?



Born in 1982 in Warsaw. Visual and performative artist, musician – combines these three disciplines in his artistic practice and experiments with them perpetually. He studied History of Art at Warsaw University. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2007). As a scholarship holder of the Erasmus program, he studied in the fine arts department at the Complutense University of Madrid (2004-2005)

Since 2010 he has been cooperating closely with a choreographer Iza Szostak, composing music for her performances. 


In the XXI century, with the knowledge we have and with the increasing consciousness it is not worth stuck in one idea or one art field. Access to materials and views that we can sample indefinitely scares me in one way.  All I was learning since the beginning of my art education until the end of my studies can be buried. However, there is no need for that action. The only question is the method We want to choose to influence the minds of others.

Świat należy do Ciebie/ The World Is Yours
Sztuka w Mieście

Świat należy do Ciebie/ The World Is Yours